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Male Escort Istanbul VIP Companionship for ladies in Istanbul. Meet Aydın, a amazing straight male escort for women or couples in Istanbul.

Aydın, a Male Escort in Istanbul

Male Escort Istanbul. My name is Aydın. I am a male escort for women in Istanbul. I’m open-minded, friendly and I love what I do. I live in Istanbul. I am 30 years old, six feet tall, athletic, and good-looking with short black hair, and am privileged to have one of the greatest jobs in the world. What I like and what I do is not for everyone. And I’m very OK with that! It’s the newest thing in the world. It has made the relationships I have so much more special. What I offer as a straight male escort to women and straight couples is comfort. The option where you have the lowest chance of being disappointed, the option that is away from complications. I’m someone who has been doing this job of male escorting for years, takes the necessary care in their work, and most importantly knows what ignites the female body. As a male escort I enjoy helping women of all ages and backgrounds relax, unwind, explore, and rediscover their sensual and sexual selves.  I am always thoughtful, careful, and understanding in my approach to the sensory needs of women of all ages, figures, and backgrounds.

Upon arriving at your apartment or hotel room expect a polite and warm welcome from me. I like to take the time to for a brief chat to discuss boundaries, consent, fantasies and desires. If you have chosen the Erotic massage option, enjoy a very slow build up, (optional) oiled bodyslides and erotic touch. You can enjoy an experience tailored to your personal needs. You will find on the pages of this website information about my services, frequently asked questions and my rates. Feel free to ask me questions anyway. Let’s find out what suits you. If you’re curious about who I am and what I do as a straight male escort and companion. This is the best place to find out more information

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