I hope he has magic fingers
white bed linen
white bed linen

She was sitting in her massage therapist’s waiting room, the pain in her neck and back almost unbearable. She wished she could get in more often, but the morning appointments before work were hard to get and they were closed in the evenings and on weekends.

The receptionist told her to head in, her therapist was an older and not very attractive man. He was however really good at his job digging in deep, pressing hard and always getting the kinks out. She felt so much better after each session.

She had been to many other massage places and he was the only one she trusted to help her out.

When she came out of her appointment she went to the receptionist to book a bunch of appointments for the next few months. She already had one booked in 4 weeks, but she was always looking to add more as she felt her best when she was on a biweekly massage schedule.

Unfortunately with her therapist being in such high demand and morning appointments as well, she could only get booked in every 4 to 5 weeks. She was desperate for any help she could get.

While she was looking over the calendar with the receptionist, one of the other office doors opened up and the sound of bumping into the wall caught her attention. When she looked up she saw a tall lean and extremely handsome man carrying a large portable folding massage table with a strap over his shoulder.

She watched him make his way out the front door, and slide the big folded bed into the back of his pick up truck and drive away.

The receptionist now smiling as she had seen this reaction by many of the clients. She spoke up saying, that’s Dick. This snapped her back to reality. Dick? She said. The receptionist chuckled and said yes, Dick does in home massages, it helps people out with weird schedules. He works evenings and weekends as well.

Would you like to book him between your other appointments? To see if he can help you out to feel good more often? The receptionist said this with a funny smile, she was taken aback and wasn’t sure what she meant.

She thought to herself it couldn’t hurt to try, and booked Dick for a home appointment in a week and a half for 4pm on a Saturday. If it went well, she figured it would be a great help for her neck pain and mental health as it is not fun walking around in constant pain.

She was excited for her first in home massage, the day had finally arrived. She was out for lunch with her old high school friends. Now aged 26, her and her friends tried to get together every month or 2 for a ladies brunch. Gossip and drinks were flowing.

When the ladies found out about her in home massage scheduled for later that day, it was all they wanted to talk about, especially the married ladies. They were asking her if she had them all the time since she was single. She told them this would be her first time. They asked her if he was hot, and blushing she replied yes. She hadn’t thought about it that way, that she was attracted to this hunky man and that he’d have his hands all over her.

It sent a shiver right through her entire body. Her married friends were very raunchy, asking if he offered happy endings and wondering if he was well endowed. She had never heard of such a thing as a happy ending. One of the ladies saw her face scrunch in a what’s that look. So she told her, some masseuse’s offer happy endings, bringing the lady to a powerful orgasm with their massage skills.

She sat there, mouth opened in shock. And then stated, that’s not the kind of massage I am getting. It’s for therapy for my back and neck. The ladies laughed and they all said they’d love a hunky guy to massage them to pleasure.

She was feeling a little bit tipsy when she got into her friends car. They all took turns driving to these brunches so that the ladies could let loose and have some drinks without worry. The whole way to her place the ladies kept teasing her, saying I hope he has magic fingers to hit the spot, and hopefully he has a nice hard cock to massage the hard to reach places. They all laughed as she sat there still shocked and red cheeked thinking of their dirty comments and wondering if that stuff really happened.

When she got home she only had around 30 minutes before Dick would arrive. She decided it appropriate to take a shower before he got there. Not wanting to smell of booze and the restaurant.

As she stripped down to only her thong she had goose bumps all over her body. The alcohol and dirty talk had definitively gotten to her. She had been single for over 8 months. She thought to herself that hopefully the shower sobered her up, she didn’t want to look unprofessional to Dick when he got there.

She started the shower and peeled down her thong, she noticed they were soaked and she could smell her own sweet nectar coming from her pussy. She felt between her legs and her pussy was hot and wet. She lightly tickled her clit which felt amazing, her nipples hardening. She shook her head, trying to snap out of it. Nope she said aloud, not now, need to shower and get ready for massage. She thought it could wait till after when Dick was gone and she could use her favourite toys to get herself off.

She showered quickly and made sure not to linger too long on her hot spots, at the end she turned it to cold and stood there for 2 minutes shivering to try and cool herself off and sober up.

When she came out of the shower she towelled off and and put on a thong and sports bra, what she normally wears for her other massages. She sprayed on a little deodorant, even a spritz on her sex, she didn’t want Dick to smell how horny she was. She put on a light bath robe and her shoulder length brown hair in a high ponytail.

She looked herself up and down in her floor length mirror, her perky B sized breast standing up proud, and her long sexy legs looked fantastic in her short robe. As she admired herself she was snapped back to reality when she heard the doorbell ring.

Shit he’s here she said out loud. She rushed to her front door feeling her cheeks flush again. She opened the door, and there stood Dick. He greeted her warmly introducing himself, she let him in and showed him to the living room where there was enough space for him to set up his table with enough room for him to walk around it during the massage.

Dick asked her how her days was, she replied saying how she and her friends had their monthly brunch with lots of drinks. He laughed and said it sounded like fun. She felt her cheeks redden, and thought to herself, why did I have to tell him about the drinks?

Dick could tell that she was a little tipsy, which was ok with him, helped his clients relax, especially their first times with him. As he set up he was sneaking peaks at her, he thought she was hot, he was 6 foot 4, and could tell she was close to six feet tall herself. He was looking forward to getting his hands on her.

She noticed his table was like a large single mattress, she commented about its size being larger then the ones they use at the massage therapy clinic. Dick told her it was better because he could get up on the table when need be to help with added pressure for difficult angles. She had never experienced anything like that, he could see her face questioning and said, it’s completely normal, you’ll see how much it helps with those pesky knots and smiled at her.

She smiled back and thought it sounded professional enough. She checked out Dick while he set up. Putting a sheet over the table, and a towel around the hole for her face. The first sheet he pinned under the table so it wouldn’t slide around, then he added a second sheet that she would get under. As he moved around she could tell he was lean and muscular, he wore a light and baggy track suit. The top unzipped half way and she could see he had on a tight fitting muscle shirt underneath. The bottoms were also baggy, but she could definitely make out a large bulge in the front of them. Dick noticed her checking him out, but tried not to let on that he knew, trying to remain professional.

Dick then pulled the top sheet to one side, told her, ok, it’s time to take all of your clothes off and get under the sheet. And moved to the end of the table and turned his back to her. He put emphasis on the word “all”. He noticed she wasn’t moving, a bit shocked thinking of being naked. So he turned and told her, it’s completely normal to be naked for the session, all my clients are, and that he folded the sheet expertly as to not embarrass her or exposes her in any way. He also added that he didn’t want to ruin her clothing with the oils he used.

She thought this all sounded professional and that her other massage guy also told her she could be naked if she wanted too, but she had never done that with him.

Dick turned away once more, she took her robe off and threw it on a chair, then her bra and thong. She quickly got on the table on her stomach covering herself entirely with the sheet. She finally got comfortable with her face in the hole in the table.

He then told her he would start with massaging her all over, over the sheet to warm up her muscles. She thought that was nice and would help her with her nerves of being completely naked. She could hear a zipper, then Dick told her he was taking off his track suit to be more comfortable as it would get to hot to keep it on while he worked on her.

Dick moved to the head of the table, he rubbed and massages the back of her neck at the base of her skull, he then put both hands on her shoulders, and started to rub her shoulder blades with pressure from her neck to her shoulders, and then big swiping circles on her upper back. It felt so good, she found herself slowly relaxing. He kept up this pressure of rubbing circles down to her lower back, close to the tops of her ass cheeks, before going back to her shoulders and repeating again.

He then moved to the side of the table, now rubbing her lower back in warm soothing circles. He then started rubbing her upper ass cheeks, never staying long and avoiding getting too close to her ass crack. Dick then applied pressure on the back of thighs, using long strokes from her ass cheek down to her knee, switching from one side to the other, never lingering to long near her hot spots.

She was loving the feeling of his hands rubbing all over her ass, everything felt so professional, she completely let her guard down and was thoroughly enjoying it. Dick continued to her calf muscles, standing at the end of the bed, rubbing his hands up and down the back of her legs, from the bottom of her ass cheeks to her ankles, it felt wonderful. Dick gripped her calves, his thumbs on the inside of her legs with his fingers wrapped around to the outside of her legs. He was rubbing up and down with lots of pressure as his thumbs got dangerously close to her pussy, he would pull them towards the tops of her legs away from her intimate spots and push her tight young ass cheeks up and slightly apart as he squeezed both cheeks before rubbing back down again.

She was telling herself this was completely normal, even though it was turning her on. Dick moved back up to the top of the table, as he did he looked at her to make sure she wasn’t going to move, he picked up her thong to see that she was wet before her arrived, he sniffed them quietly and thought she smelt delicious. He quickly licked the crotch to enjoy her taste, he could feel his cock getting hard. Dick put them back on the chair and told her, now that your muscles are warmed up I’ll start the massage, I’ll pull back the sheet where needed and use massage oil.

Dick folded the sheet down, keeping her legs and ass covered. He started on her neck, making sure to work out all the kinks, then moved to her shoulders and upper back. He worked her really well, all he pain disappearing. He was now doing long strokes down the middle of her back, his finger tips going under the sheet more and more with each pass across the tops of her firm cheeks, as he stroked back up his hands went to the sides of her hips gliding upwards as his finger tips grazed the sides of her breasts.

This was getting her so hot, she didn’t realize it, but when his finger tips neared the top of her ass, she was slightly rolling her hips to move her ass closer to his fingers, and lifted her chest a little as his fingers grazed the sides of her tits. Dick could see this happening and was hoping he could push his luck to see how far he could go with her.

Dick moved to the side of the table, covering her back up with the sheet. He then told her he would uncover her right leg, and would lift her leg to wrap it in the sheet to keep her covered. He then uncovered her leg and right ass cheek, he lifted her leg, pulling the sheet between her cheeks and tucking it under her right leg. This kept her pussy covered exposing only her long toned leg and tight right ass cheek. When he put her leg back down he pulled it to the side of the table, parting her legs leaving about a foot of space between her feet.

He applied more oil on her leg and ass and lightly spread it around with his finger tips. It was driving her crazy, even though she knew she was covered, having her legs spread made her feel so vulnerable with her pussy so much more easily accessible. Dick started at her ankle and slide his hands slowly up her leg and thigh, his finger tips lightly grazing her inner thigh so close to the side of her pussy lip. Then up her ass cheek, his pinky lightly grazing her asshole. When he reached her waist he quickly dragged his hands back down to her ankles.

Dick did this over and over again driving her wild, every time his finger tips passed her pussy she moved towards them trying to get them in her, and was lifting her as hoping he’d slide an oiled finger into her ass. He lifted her leg and covered it with the sheet and moved to her left side. Dick lifted her left leg, and wrapped the sheet under it, this time however he did not pull it tight, exposing her tight asshole and leaving her pussy a little uncovered. This time when he applied the oil he squirted some down her ass crack onto her pussy, then more down her leg to her ankle. When he spread it with his fingertips he ran them over her tight asshole and lightly brushed over her wet pussy and clitoris, then moved quickly down her leg.

From her ankle Dick started his long strokes up her leg, this time he ran his finger tips right over her clit and through her pussy lips and across her tight back door. This was driving her crazy, she was humping her hips wildly getting his finger tips momentarily to brush into her hot fuck hole. Dick was getting so hot now, his big cock sticking out of the bottom of his shorts.

Dick then told her he was going to get on the table with her to work her glutes and lower back from a better angle. She was so hot she didn’t care what he did as long as he continued to please her. Dick lifted her left leg and covered her lower half again, he took both of her ankles and moved her legs back together. In one smooth motion Dick folded the sheet above her waist exposing her from the waist down as he knelt on the table beside her left thigh, he swung his knee over her thighs locking her legs between his knees. As he did this he applied oil all over her ass.

She was so hot she tilted her pelvis lifting her tight ass for him. Dick started rubbing the oil all over her cheeks, spreading her cheeks crudely exposing her little rosebud and tight wet pussy. Dick used his thumbs as he massaged her ass cheeks he rubbed over her asshole and down to her pussy opening, he’d push one thumb into her ass while the other one went into her pussy, and then both thumbs into her pussy. He sat on the back of her thighs, she could feel something huge and hard laying across her ass cheek.

Dick took his hard cock and added some oil to it, he layed it between her cheeks and continued squeezing her cheeks, he sat up a bit and she could feel it’s big head slide over her ass to the opening of her pussy, she pushed back trying to get it in her, but Dick would just slide it back up into her ass crack, he did this over and over again, it was driving her wild she was moaning and breathing so hard. He then left it at her opening, letting her roll her hips trying to get the big head into her tightness.

Dick leaned forward and put pressure on her opening, he could hear her gasp as he slowly started working his hard cock into her pussy. She could only rock back slightly on his big cock, she wanted it all in her so bad, but Dick controlled the speed in this position, he worked in inch after inch slowly humping in and out of her driving her wild, he could feel her pussy clenching through orgasms as she moaned out load, Yes! Yes! Yes!

Dick bottomed out and started to pound into her with long hard strokes, at the same time he was pushing one thumb in and out of her ass. She was loving the feeling of being so full of cock and the thumb fucking her ass. She could feel a big orgasm coming on, Dick could feel it too, as he continued to fuck her hard he started working his second thumb into her tight ass. He put them back to back and slowly worked them in, once they were both in her she lost it and started screaming Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! As she came hard.

As she came down from it, Dick withdrew his thumbs and slowly pulled his hard cock out of her. He got off the table and covered her again, telling her it was time to turn over. Her head was spinning. Not sure what else would happen. As she turned over onto her back, Dick lifted the sheet to keep her covered.

It seemed so bright now that she could see again. Dick was at her head and folded the sheet down to her waist exposing her tits and erect nipples. He poured oil down the middle of her chest to her belly button. He then started spreading it all around and all over her breasts. He would rub down almost to her clit then back up to her tits. Massaging them and pinching her nipples. She closed her eyes enjoying his touch. Dick moved to her side, standing by her head as he concentrated on her breasts.

She felt something hard poke her cheek, she opened her eyes and looked towards it. She was shocked to see the big hard cock beside her face, she continued to stare as Dick kept massaging her, every time he leaned over her his big cock head bumped her chin. She opened her mouth and leaned towards it, taking its head into her warm mouth. Her mouth felt so good on his cock, Dick started pushing in and out of her mouth as she sucked hard trying to get more and more of it deep into her mouth.

Dick didn’t want to cum, so he pulled out of her hot cocksucking mouth and moved down her body. He added more oil as he went, pulling the sheet off of her completely. He got to the end of the table, grabbed her waist and pulled her to the end, her ass was at the edge and he put her legs over his shoulders. His big cock lying on her stomach, he massaged her tits and pulled on her nipples, she wiggled around trying to get his cock in her pussy but she could make it work.

He then pulled his cock back off of her stomach, she grabbed the sides of the table in anticipation of having him penetrate her again. But he didn’t, and she could feel her legs lowering, she looked down and Dick was kneeling down between her legs, she felt his warm breath and tongue on her clit, Dick was licking her clit and sticking his tongue inside of her, he pushed her knees up towards her waist and was licking her all over, he even started to lick and tongue her ass. She loved the feeling, he knew what he was doing down there.

After what seemed like forever of Dick eating her ass and pussy, Dick stood back up and pushed half his big cock into her, she gasped again for air as she felt so good and so full. He started building up his pace fucking her in and out hard, getting his full length pounding in and out of her. He continued his pace quickening as he could feel her building to a big one. When it hit her and he could feel her clenching his hard cock her orgasm trying to push him out he turned it up a notch fucking in and out of her as fast as possible making her orgasm hit harder and last longer.

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