The room now smells of our sex 

Cici gently takes the wineglass from my hand and sets it on her steamer-trunk coffee table. In the days leading up to my first threesome, I’ve been both excited and terrified, but now that I’m just moments away, I feel something coming over me.

Maybe it’s the Prosecco, her eyes, her pink lips. Maybe it’s my knickers, now soaking wet even though we’ve barely touched. Maybe it’s the memory of the dive bar where our tongues tangled, and I felt her fingers on my breasts.

But when she asks, “may I kiss you?” I don’t hesitate to breathe, “yes.”

My lips are on hers, and a groan escapes as her tongue massages mine. Her mouth travels down my neck and shoulders with just the right pressure. I’m relaxed, yet hyperaware of Cici’s dark silky hair as I stroke it and pull her closer, of the sweet, fresh scent of her peach body lotion, of the increasing pleasant friction of my clit against the seam of my thong.

I run my fingers over the smooth skin of her jaw, bring her lips back to mine, and allow our tongues to probe deeper. Our cheeks brush as I dare to flick my tongue over her earlobe, and whisper before I lose my nerve:

“Can we go to your room?”

She looks at me, a sexy glint in her blue-green eyes, and nods.

“Let’s get this off,” Cici says as she lifts the dress over my head. I run my hands down her back and squeeze her ass, firm but soft. She lightly bites my neck as we make short work of her top and skirt.

Once she’s undressed, I bend down and run my tongue over the pale skin just above the lace cups of her bra. She throws her head back and moans. Suddenly the bra is no more, and I’m staring at the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen – round and soft with shell-pink nipples peaked at the ready.

“Come here,” Cici whispers, walking backwards to the unmade bed. The rumpled navy cotton sheets look comfortable, clean. Pulling off her thong and tossing it aside, Cici lies on her back, and my remaining nerves evaporate into pure want.

I spread out beside her and tongue her breasts, licking and nuzzling the white mounds and sucking her nipples. “Harder,” Cici breathes, fisting my hair. I do my best to comply and am rewarded with “ohhhhh, good girl.”

I don’t feel any pressure to speed this up, to make her come. She seems content, excited even, to let me explore her body. I’m rubbing myself against her smooth leg when Cici gently rolls out from under me.

I prop myself up on one elbow. “Did I do something wrong?”

Despite my self-consciousness, I can’t help but ogle her heart-shaped bum as she bends over and fumbles in a drawer.

“I was thinking about your fantasy,” Cici says, making her way back to the bed. “Tom’ll be here in a little bit. You still want him to join us?” I nod. “Fabulous.

Until then, I thought you might want some extra stimulation.” She holds up three vibrators.

I point to a purple toy, long and thick. “Um, does that go inside me?” I flush, feeling hopelessly naïve.

“No,” Cici answers matter-of-factly. “On your clit.” She flicks a switch on the toy and it emits a gentle hum. Then she flicks it again for shorter, more aggressive buzzing.

I want her to fuck me so badly. I lean in toward her and start kissing her neck.

“Easy!” she giggles.

“Sorry,” I sigh, but she’s already pushing me back against the headboard.

With one move, Cici undoes my bra. “Oh, yes,” she says, nuzzling and licking my bare tits, my nipples pebbling when they meet the cool air. Kissing down my stomach, she lowers herself between my legs, and it takes everything I have not to shove her beautiful face into my hungry pussy.

I feel her tongue first, playing over my clitoris in a gentle figure eight. I sigh and raise my hips to give her more access, but she keeps teasing me. Finally, Cici hooks my legs over her bare shoulders before going deeper. She flattens her tongue against my clit, licking me long and slow, tongue darting in and out. I feel her finger slide inside me and I moan. Softly at first, then louder as she adds another finger, beginning to thrust.

I’m tingling and on the verge when I hear a polite knock and a deep voice query, “Hello?”

Cici lifts her face from between my legs, her lips a glistening Cupid’s bow.

“Still want him to watch?” she whispers. All I can manage to choke out is, “get him in here, NOW.”

A thrill runs through me. I’m in tune with my surroundings: Cici’s soft mouth and probing fingers, the waves of pleasure running through my body, heavy footsteps, clothes hitting the floor, a decidedly male groan. But then Cici’s tongue is on me, in me, and I stop thinking.

I open my eyes and see her gorgeous boyfriend.

Tom’s bottle-green gaze locks on mine, and I take in his six-pack abs, his powerful thighs, and his colourfully-tattooed right arm stroking a very hard cock.

Then I feel the vibrator. Cici replaces her tongue with the toy so fast I didn’t realise what was happening. She holds the toy to my clit, fitting it perfectly between the lips of my vulva. The toy vibrates in short, quick bursts and I arch my back, hearing Tom go, “oh yeah.”

“Do you like that?” Cici asks.

I can only gasp as the rapid buzzes give way to a long, sustained vibration. I try to tighten my legs around the vibe, but Cici gently holds them apart, torturing me in the most exquisite way as she gently kisses my inner thigh.

I look down at her, then over at Tom, whose eyes have practically rolled back in his head as he jacks off, and I feel something inside me break open. I reach for the headboard and let out the strongest moan of my life. It just keeps going as waves of intense release wash over me, and I rock my hips until every last tremor is complete.

Still shaking, I sit up and reach for Cici, and we dive for each other’s mouths. I can taste myself on her tongue as I pull her close, running my hands over her smooth curves. I feel her hands on my tits, stroking and lightly pulling at my nipples.

Tom clears his throat, and we giggle like horny teenagers who’ve been caught. He grins, showing an adorable snaggletooth.

That was incredible,” Tom says in his sexy half-British lilt. “But in the meantime,” he continues, gesturing at his still-erect cock, “could we take care of this one?”

Cici licks her lips. “Wanna join me?” she asks saucily.

Do I ever.

“Stay where you are,” I command, a little surprised by the throaty authority in my voice. Tom grins even wider as Cici and I slither off the bed onto our knees before him. I nip Cici’s earlobe, murmuring, “You go first.”

I’m mesmerised by the sight of Cici’s plump lips expertly gliding up and down

Tom’s cock, the pure pleasure on Tom’s face as he grunts with desire. Only moments before, I’d come so hard that even getting off the bed was challenging, but I can already feel something stirring again.

Cici unlatches with a satisfied smile. “Your turn,” she says. I kiss her, tasting both myself and Tom, and place my lips on the tip of his cock.

I massage the head for a few seconds, just enough to drive him crazy, before taking him in fully, and stroking his balls. “Oh fuck,” Tom groans. I savour his cock, and take him deeper down my throat, using my hands on his shaft.

I come up for air and let Cici take over. I love how Tom’s grunts get shorter, rougher, more demanding, and how she moans softly while taking him deep. I kiss her shoulder, and bite her neck. She moans again, this time because of me.

Without having to say anything, we double down, me lunging for his cock while Cici cups his balls and follows up with her tongue. I feel his fingers brush my breasts. His hands travel to my hair, pulling at the roots. I go as deep as physically possible, groaning around his thick, hard shaft. As he roars through his climax, Tom shoots so hard into me that I have to will my throat to relax.

“Best Saturday ever,” he says, helping us to our feet. “Have you come yet, darling?” he asks Cici. She shakes her head with a coquettish smile. Tom positions Cici on the bed and gets on his knees in front of her. I climb on the bed, allowing her to lean against me. The room now smells of our sex – heady and musky and intoxicating.

As Tom dives into Cici’s pussy, she lets out high-pitched little shrieks, the most feminine gasps combined with breathy entreaties: more, harder, yes, oh yes.

Tom tongues her clit while using one finger, then two, to probe deep inside her. While I enjoy the view, I rub her breasts, the curve of her waist, her beautiful ass. I can feel my clit start to harden again, my vagina widening, as I wonder what Tom’s cock would feel like inside me.

I gently bite Cici’s shoulder as she comes, letting out soft screams before finding my mouth for a long, deep kiss.

“Tom has a very clever tongue,” Cici giggles, falling back on the bed. Tom grins and I can’t resist pulling his mouth to mine. His kiss is hard and aggressive, faint stubble scratching my chin. I can smell the sharp apple of his shampoo, the clean sweat.

As Tom’s clever tongue— Cici was right—swoops over mine, moving in and out of my mouth, I groan, stretching out on the bed and pulling him on top of me. I’ve always loved tasting myself in a man’s mouth, but this time I’m tasting Cici’s. Sweet and spicy. His hands find my breasts, expertly stroking my nipples as I grab his muscular ass.

I look over at Cici, lying at my side, our noses touching. “Can I fuck your man?” I whisper. Her eyes darken with desire and Tom jumps up. “Condom,” he says, stepping over to the bureau, his erection bobbing proudly.

“Come here, gorgeous,” Cici breathes. “You’re so wet,” she observes, fingers dancing between my legs. She’s just started to rub my clit again when we hear an appreciative groan from Tom.

“Save some for me!” he says playfully. Cici looks at me mischievously and orders, “Ride him.”

“I’m a little tight,” I whisper as I ease onto Tom’s cock. I relish the pressure, the slight pain, and start to work my hips up and down. Soon, Cici is behind me, playing with my tits, her hands sliding over my skin down to my clit. Tom grunts at the sight, thrusting deeper.

I let my hands roam over Cici’s curves, Tom’s ripped torso, and my own hard nipples. My pussy tightens around his cock and I feel the exquisite torture of every inch.

“I’m close,” I cry, and I find a rhythm. Tom strokes my breasts with his large, rough hands, and Cici devours my neck. Her breasts rub against my back while Tom bites his lip, eyes squinting shut.

And then, in that flurry of skin and lips and tongue and cock, it happens all at once. I hear a high, operatic moan and realise it’s me. Soon Tom’s climax joins mine, and Cici purrs her contentment as orgasm rocks me to my core. I ride her boyfriend’s rock-hard cock in this soft bed smelling of sex and peaches and girl and boy, and in this very moment, I am the happiest woman in the goddamn world.

This erotic story by Lauren Emily was originally published on Bellesa.

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