She Was Quietly Fuming

She lay face down on the massage table, naked but for a towel covering her ass. She was quietly fuming, ready to get dressed and stalk to the front desk and cancel her session, when into the room stepped Turkish Masseur, the handsomest, most muscular of the male massage therapists, smiling and full of apologies.
“So sorry for the delay, Tina,” he said. “Ryan went home sick and even the receptionist left for the day. We close early Wednesdays and I’m the only one left in the building. Will you let me deal with you?”
Will I ever, thought Tina, though she just smiled a little unsurely. Male employees didn’t usually attend to female clients and she was pretty sure this was frowned upon. But nothing could help improve this frustrating day like a massage from this Turkish Gentleman, so what the hell. She’d always secretly wondered what a massage session with him would be like.

“The good news is we have the place all to ourselves and we won’t be rushed,” The Turkish Masseur smiled.
“Good. After the day I’ve had I need a little pampering. I’ve been feeling neglected.”
“Oh? How so?” he grinned. He poured oil on her naked shoulders and began to massage her neck.
She didn’t give him any details, but to her surprise she began hinting at the frustration she’d been experiencing in her new marriage. His hands felt so good on her neck and shoulders that she began to relax and open up.
The Turkish Gentleman’s strong hands smoothed the oil down her back and worked it into her muscles. She kept on chattering sleepily as he massaged the oil into her calves and then her thighs. His fingers came to the tops of her legs and he suddenly paused.
“Do you mind if I remove the towel?” he asked. “Sometimes I get special requests for an all-body treatment from clients with extra stress.”

Tina’s heart was suddenly pounding and she felt a twitch in her crotch. She knew what she should say. Sorry, I can’t let you do that. I’m a married woman. What would my husband say? But Gerald was out of town, hundreds of miles away. And who knew what he might get up to all on his own?
“Please do,” she murmured, her heart racing even more. Once the towel was removed, she would be completely naked with an incredibly sexy young turkish man who wasn’t her husband. The idea thrilled her more than she cared to admit.
The Turkish Gentleman tossed the towel aside and poured oil onto her gorgeous ass cheeks. Then he began gently massaging it into the firm mounds.
“You have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen,” he muttered. And he let one finger trace down between her buns and touch the sweet bud of her asshole.
“Oh my! That feels so good,” she groaned.
Her buns were so firm and trim under his hands. He dug his fingers into the flesh and smoothed in the oil till the mounds glistened. His cock flexed inside his shorts and shifted to the left. “I want you to sit up for me for a moment or two,” he went on. “I want to do something special for you.”
Without hesitation she swung her legs down and sat on the edge of the table. Her huge naked tits hung heavy and ripe in front of her, the nipples already erect.
The Turkish Masseur stood behind her, pouring oil onto each hand. Then he was reaching around her, scooping the undersides of her heavy tits into his palms. He hefted them, squeezed them, then began to massage them just the way he’d done her buns.
She groaned out loud. She couldn’t help herself. And when his thumbs tweaked her nipples she thought for a second she’d faint with pleasure. In all the weeks and months of her courtship and marriage, Gerald had never made her feel this good.
“Oh fuck,” she muttered softly.

The Turkish Gentleman played with her tits for some time, coating them in oil, making them glisten. He pressed them back into her chest, rotated them, jiggled them up and down like they were some ripe fruit. When he finally let go the oil dripped off her nipples onto her golden thighs.
“Beautiful tits, beautiful ass. What else do you have that’s beautiful?” he murmured.
He helped her lay back down, watched the big tits heave and separate. Then he stepped back a moment and peeled off his T-shirt and shorts. “Sometimes a client gets embarrassed being naked. It’s only fair that I should be naked too. Do you mind?”
It was all such a snow-job, Tina knew, but she was so turned on she didn’t really care.
She hadn’t felt this excited, this exhilarated, in some time. She was enjoying this whole experience.
“I’m not embarrassed,” she admitted. “And I want to see you naked.”

The Turkish Masseur had a beautiful muscular body. And once his cock came into view she couldn’t take her eyes off it. It was huge, thick and heavy and over seven inches long though it was still far from fully erect.
She thought then that all the teasing was over and that he’d just climb on top of her and fuck her. But he wanted to play with her a little longer, it seemed.
He moved to the top of the table and tilted it down so the her head and shoulders were lower than the rest of her body. He spread his legs so that his huge cock and balls were directly above her face. Then he poured more oil onto her belly and began to smooth it down toward her crotch. Her pussy was completely shaved, he was glad to see.

The Turkish Masseur had to lean down over her as he spread the oil further on her flat belly. The sac of his heavy balls touched her forehead and then scraped up beside her nose and across the corner of her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked it as it passed her lips.
“I hope you’re still comfortable,” he murmured, and he shifted slightly so that his balls rolled all the way back down her face to her forehead.
“I’m just great,” she sighed. “I’m loving this close-up view of your cock and balls.”
His fingers were smoothing oil now down past her flanks and onto her thighs. He was being careful for now not to get oil on her pussy, which seemed to be opening for him like some exotic plant.
“This is my ultimate special treatment,” he said at last. And he began to lick the swollen outer lips of her moist cunt.
“Ohhh! Ohhh!” she moaned. “More of that! Yes! More of that!”

The Turkish Gentleman was shifting his body again as he licked her, and this time his growing cock bumped and rolled its way down her face to her forehead, then back up towards her chin. He was rubbing it ever so gently all over her face. She felt traces of pre-cum juice suddenly sticky on her cheeks, her nose.
She opened her mouth wide and this time when his cockhead reached her lips she was ready. She folded her mouth over the bloated bulb of his cock and held on to it. He paused for just a second or two and then moved forward, easing two, three, four inches of cock into her mouth.
“How does that feel? You all right?” he asked, as if it were the most natural thing in the world for him to be ramming his cock down her throat.
“Mmm! Mmm!” she gurgled, reaching back her hands to clutch his ass.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said, as The Turkish Masseur went back to licking her pussy lips. He was going deeper now, probing with his tongue and folding back her twat lips. His fingers pried her open even further till the bud of her clit was visible. The pink inner flesh was glistening with moisture.
Her lower body was twitching now. He could feel her thighs tensing and relaxing, tensing and relaxing. Her belly and tits started quivering. He wondered what would happen once he touched her clit. He put it off for as long as he could.
His cock was fully erect now and he eased it back and forth in her mouth, going a little deeper every few strokes. She had brought one hand around to grasp the base of his prick and she was squeezing and pumping, squeezing and pumping.

She wondered suddenly what Gerald would say if he could see her now, lying naked on a massage table with a handsome young stud eating her pussy and fucking her face. She realized she didn’t give a damn what he thought. She’d married him because she was tired of dating jerks and because he had money and would provide for her. He was a nice enough guy, but he had his jerky side too. He was selfish and didn’t seem to care much about satisfying her needs. And she sure had her needs! Today, here and now, was proof of it. Also, he spent way too much time at that damned business of his, whatever it was. She’d never been interested enough to find out. As long as he paid her bills. Anyway, this was the result. Married just under a year and his wife sucking another man’s cock. What did he expect? She’d always loved sex, and with Gerald it was only so so. Lately, it hadn’t been good at all.

This, on the other hand, was fucking terrific. A handsome young guy licking her pussy, gently sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. It was just what she needed. Her pussy was gaping open for him now, the lips glistening wet and peeled back. Every few seconds her crotch bucked up at him, forcing itself onto his mouth. He touched her swollen clit with his tongue and began gently to tease and tickle it.
“Mmm! Mmm!” she groaned, sparks of pleasure shooting through her.
She shifted her head so that his cock could go deeper into her throat. Her lips formed a perfect seal round the rock-hard shaft. His hip movements had speeded up so that he was now fucking her face with steady, even thrusts.
She wanted to howl out loud with joy but all she could do was moan and growl around his cock. So this was what real sex could be like, she thought. The Turkish Gentleman was using her mouth, her throat, for his own pleasure, but what was he giving her in return? She could already feel a terrific climax building deep inside her.

“This is one sweet fucking pussy,” he gasped suddenly, coming up for air. “I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun sucking cunt.”
She growled her appreciation. She could have said similar things about his cock. And she loved the sound of his dirty words. Pussy. Cunt. It felt so good to hear them said out loud. It was liberating.
She wondered what would happen when he came. She felt a thrill go through her as she imagined his cock twitching and spurting jet after jet of cum into her mouth and throat. Would she swallow it or keep it stored up in her mouth so that she could play with it, let it spill from her lips a bit at a time. He might get a kick out of that.
The Turkish Masseur was really working on her clit now, forcing it to vibrate back and forth against his tongue. And her pleasure was reaching its peak. There was a terrific melting sensation deep inside her and it was coming closer and closer to the surface.

A deep groaning sound came from her throat and she squeezed the base of his cock tighter in her hand. Then suddenly her whole lower body lurched upwards against his sucking mouth. She was coming, waves of pleasure rippling through her. Her pussy spasmed and gushed juice onto his teasing mouth. He backed off her clit for a second and was hit in the face with a second jet of pussy juice.
“Mmm! Mmm!” she growled on his prick. And two more jets of twat juice shot halfway across the room. She almost swooned with pleasure, her whole lower body quivering.
And he was going back down on her, tickling and teasing her swollen clit with his tongue. Her gaping cunt was awash with fluid. One more small jet spurted forth. And still The Turkish Masseur kept licking, teasing, diddling her quaking clit. Pure pleasure ripped through her, causing her lower body to spasm even as the rapture faded.

He stayed with her till she settled down, his hips still pumping gently, feeding his hard-on down her throat in small lunges. She expected him to come, to fill her mouth and throat with sperm, but as she settled down he eased his cock from her mouth and raised his face from her crotch. He stepped around her and moved in between her splayed legs. He gripped her thighs and pulled her down the table till her cunt, gaping wide and gleaming with juice, was lined up with his massive hard-on.
“Don’t you want to come in my mouth?” she asked softly.
“Some other time soon. Today I have a few other things planned for you.” He smiled down into her dazed face, took his hard-on in his hand, and slid the purple head between her quivering pussy lips. Then he moved forward, feeding inch after inch of rock-hard cock into her cunt. He watched as her swollen pussy lips warped out of shape around the invading bulk.

Tina moaned with pleasure. And her heart raced with excitement at what she was allowing to happen. She’d let a man who wasn’t her husband eat her pussy to orgasm. She’d let him fuck her mouth and now she was allowing him to fuck her pussy. She felt like such a slut. And she was loving it.
“You don’t mind if I fuck you, do you?” he grinned, almost reading her mind. He had his hard-on buried to the hilt up her cunt and he just let it stay still there, throbbing.
“I want you to. I’ve never wanted anything so bad,” she gasped. “Please fuck me. Ram that big cock in and out of me till you come.”
The Turkish Gentleman smiled down at her, marvelling at her incredibly beautiful body, her slender thighs, her flat belly, her big tits, all glistening with the oil he’d applied. Then he began to move, easing his hard-on in and out of her with a steady rhythm. The big thick shaft glistened like a greased piston each time it slid from her twat.

She hooked her legs around him and tried to draw him deeper. The spasms of rapture that had barely faded began to grow again deep inside her. If he kept this up she was sure she’d come a second time, something that had never happened to her before.
“I love your cock,” she smiled up at him. “I love your big thick cock inside me.”
“You like big cocks?” he grinned. He was fucking her harder now, and he leaned low over her, grabbing a big wobbling tit in each hand and rolling them around on her chest.

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