She is Glad She Got Waxed Recently

She walks in — the lobby is very warm and inviting. Overstuffed leather chairs and flameless candles on the coffee table. The receptionist tells her that Turkish Gentleman will be with her shortly. She relax into the chair until she see Turkish Gentleman walk through the door. Every single nerve in her body electrifies.
Turkish Gentleman was handsome, and magnetic. He smiles at her and she feels her insides liquify. He reaches his hand out to shake hers… “Hello, I’m Aydın. I’ll be your therapist tonight. Are you ready to go back?” She bites her lip as his soft fingers slowly drag across her palm. She can’t believe those hands are going to be all over her in just a few minutes.

They walk down a long, softly lit hallway. Turkish Gentleman tells her that their room is to the right, and they head in. He said to her, “So tell me… are there any areas that need special attention tonight?”

Um… she tries not to blush as wicked thoughts race through her mind. She says “No, nothing unusual. Just general tension.”

He smile. Oh. My. God. Her nipples are tingling with anticipation of having him touch her. Turkish Gentleman tells her that he will step out for a moment to fetch some warm massage oil. He asks her to undress, lay face-down on the table, and cover herself with the towel. It’s not a very big towel, and she thinks to herself “He’s probably going to get an eyeful!” And he’s so handsome, it makes her a little nervous to know that his hands are going over every inch of her body, but it makes her excited, too. All of the sensitive areas on her body are tingling — her nipples, her sex, all the way down to her toes.

She removes all her clothes and places them on the chair beside the massage table. She lay down and did her best to cover her backside with the towel. Then she waits for him to return, and although she tries to relax, she  tingling all over anyway.

Turkish Gentleman enters the room, dim the lights, and say in his sexy, gravelly voice, “Please let me know, as I work on you, if you would like lighter or firmer pressure, and if there are any spots you think need additional attention. I am usually pretty good at reading a client’s body, and knowing what they need, so don’t feel like you need to direct me, unless you want to.”

She was so grateful that she’s face-down and he can’t see the full-blown blush that is making her face hot. If he only knew what her body needed right now…

As his hands move from her feet up her body, the tension of the week begins to melt away. Aided by the oil, they glide up her legs… first massaging her calves, and then up her thighs. Turkish Gentleman starts on the outside, then on the back, and then works his way up the insides. As his hands deftly knead into her, higher and higher, she can’t help but wonder how high they will go.

Turkish Gentleman thumbs are rubbing small circles at the very top of her inner thighs, on either side of her sex, just millimeters from her lips. She is glad she got waxed recently, so there isn’t any friction or resistance of hair. And it’s letting him get so very very close to her now pulsating core.

She tries to control her breathing, but it’s much shallower than it should be. She wants him to push those thumbs right up inside her… but then he starts to knead into her glutes. The muscles are sore, and combined with the anticipation-and-subsequent-disappointment of him keeping his fingers out of her, she can’t help but moan a little. She hopes it’s not too loud… but he doesn’t seem to have noticed, or at least minded.

Turkish Gentleman continues using his talented hands on her back, rubbing all the knots and kinks out until she’s thoroughly relaxed. His slow, soothing strokes up her spine are amazing. He uses his entire forearm to deftly push the week’s worries out of her.His soft, strong hands wrap themselves around her neck, and gently squeeze into her as his thumbs massage her vertebrae. She was putty in his hands.
Turkish Gentleman leans down and says softly at her ear… “Ok, now it’s time to turn over…” his breath on her cheek sends an electric pulse through her whole body.
She’s not sure what to do next. She’s pretty sure when she turns over, he’s going to be able to see her rock-hard nipples, towel or not!
Turkish Gentleman grabs the towel and re-positions it to cover the length of her torso, so she can flip over, and hope him haven’t seen her swollen breasts… On the other hand, she harbors the hope he has noticed how much they need to be touched.
Turkish Gentleman slides his arm under her knees, and gently lifts up. She feels the bolster underneath them, and repositions herself a little.
“Are you comfortable?” Turkish Gentleman asked. He’s voice liquefies her insides.
“Um hum… ” she managed to mumble.
He start to massage her shoulders, and any remaining tension melts away. Turkish Gentleman work down one arm, and then start on her hand. He’s movements are slow, and deliberate. She’s overwhelmed with the sensual feeling of her fingertips dragging across the palm of her hand. It feels more like he’s caressing her than massaging her, and she love it.
He move from one hand, slowly back up her arm, across her shoulders, and then he’s repeat the entire process on her other side. Again, she’s overwhelmed by sensual caresses. And she’s loving it.Turkish Gentleman work back up her arm, and then start to massage the top of her chest. She can’t help but hope he’ll massage her entire chest… when she feel that Turkish Gentelman fold the towel down and begin to actually rub her breasts.
Ooohhh…. it feels divine. She sigh quietly, and moan just a little as he rub her nipples between his skilled fingers, slick with oil.
She keep her eyes closed – it keeps the excitement level even higher since she can’t see what he’s doing. Turkish Gentleman continue to rub the oil on her aching breasts in slow, lazy circles. They’re so sensitive, she’s close to crying out when suddenly the entire towel is gone, and he massage down her abdomen. Ever so softly he run his hands down her sides, until they find her hips, and he start to rub them.
Slowly, in a figure-eight motion, Turkish Gentleman rub the palms of his hands from hips, down her thighs, and back up again. His fingers dragging behind his palms, like he’s running his hands across the surface of a lake. They’re sending ripples of desire through her.
Her breathing is shallow and rapid. She doesn’t betray the atmosphere by speaking, but she hope to God he’s going to do what she think he’s about to do.
As his hands work up her thighs, they land just next to her sex, rubbing small circles. Achingly slow circles. She sigh as she feel two of his fingers slip inside her… OH. GOD. YES!!! Her breath catches in her throat as she feel them on her clit, and sliding inside her… She thrust her hips up against his hand. She need Turkish Gentelman to know that he can’t stop now… she need more.
Turkish Gentleman doesn’t disappoint her. His strong and gentle fingers work inside her, one of his thumbs rubbing small circles around her clit. She feel his hot breath on her stomach, and his lips on by abdomen. His tongue is in her navel, and making small bites across her waist, while his fingers thrust into her… slowly, and then fast. With force, and then quietly exploring her folds.
Her back arches and her breath comes in gasps. He’s gently whisper “Ssshhhh….” And it is all she can do to not cry out, as she feel his tongue trail down her midsection.
With Turkish Gentleman’s fingers still inside her, she feel his kiss down her stomach. Lower and lower, until she feel his tongue on her clit. He’s gently begin to suck, while his fingers continue to massage her from the inside. It’s all she can do to not moan.
Turkish Gentleman”s left hand slowly snakes up her body until it finds her breast, and again she feel his strong fingers rubbing her nipples. First one side, then the other, while he’s continue to pleasure her sex with his mouth and other hand. His fingers are slick with oil and her arousal as they push inside her, and against her. She feel one of them trace backwards, towards her rear, just gently pushing against that pucker.
Turkish Gentleman continue the gentle, constant attention to her clit with his mouth, while his fingers continue to explore all of her. His left hand deftly continues to administer to her breast, while his right hand is defying her understanding of physics… while two fingers continue to press into her channel, one finger has found its way to her back door. The sensations are about to take her over the top when he’s thrust his left index and middle finger into her mouth. She instinctively begin to suck, when she feel one of his right-hand fingers gently slide into her puckered backside. Her back arches and she begin to moan, but his fingers fill her mouth, and she suck down on them, instead. As he’s continue his ministrations with his mouth and hands, she find herself desperate for release. She thrust her sex against his mouth and her mouth against his hand.
The combination of stimulations is overwhelming. Her nipples, her mouth, her clit, her sex, her ass… all being worked by his talented, persistent hands and mouth.
She bite down on his fingers in an effort not to cry out, as release rips through her body, her hips thrust against his face, her thighs clamped around his ears…. Turkish Gentleman Gently slide his finger out of her rear, while his tongue gently laps at her sex.
She doesn’t think she’s been this relaxed in years.
Turkish Gentleman’s left hand pulls away from her teeth and slides down her torso. His right hand moves to her hip, as his left hand finds its way to her other hip. He’s pull the bolster out from under her knees, and then, grabbing both hips with his hands, he’s gently slide her down the length of the table. Her arms stretch out above her head, her hips are near the end of the table, and her legs are hanging off.
She’s dying to look at his face, but she can’t. For some reason, she worry it will ruin the moment, so she leave them closed.
She feel something against her still-pulsating lips, and it’s not his mouth, and it’s not his fingers…. It’s the head of his cock. It’s rounded and hard, and gently probing against her slick cleft.
She feel it push against her, so she open her legs to give him a better access. She feel him slide into her one delicious inch at a time. … oooohhhhhh yyyyeeeessssss……. Slowly, slowly, until he has pushed his entire length into her channel, and she feel him push against her from the inside. She’s completely filled with his cock, and she sigh with satisfaction. Just the feeling of the head pushed up inside her is enough to send her over the edge again, but then Turkish Gentleman slowly start to withdraw. She’s left on the precipice as she feel him completely pull out. Her contracting core craves him, and as soon as him enter again, she moan. His right hand is on her right hip, and his left hand again goes to her mouth. She is greedily suck on his fingers as he’s continue the rhythmic pleasure.
She suck, as he push.
She sigh, as he withdraw.
Suck, push.
Sigh, withdraw.
The disorientating, never-ending spa music pipes through the speakers, and she lose track of how long it has been, this delicious dance of their hips against one another. At some point, Turkish Gentleman stop withdrawing, and begin to just push against her inner core, over, and over. He’s hand leaves her hip, and pushes against the front of her sex, so that her inner lips are pressed against her clit, and each deliberate push converges all those sensitive parts into one amazing pulse. While at the same time, he’s push his thick cock into her again and again, driving her closer and closer to completion… he grab onto her sex and apply constant, agonizing pressure.
She know close to total release, and she begin to suck hard on his fingers. He’s immediately understand, and pump into her in earnest. She’s close, so close, as his thick, throbbing cock pushes up into the very center of her sex, while his hand expertly rubs her lips against her clit. Oh God. Oh My God. Oooohhhh MMMMMYYYYY GGGGOOOOODDDDDD!
She’s panting softly as her entire body is racked with quaking waves of pleasure. Slowly her breathing slows as her eyelids flutter open.
With one hand gently dragging the length of her body from her sex, up her abdomen, through her breasts, he’s walk to the head of the table. Then he’s carefully grasp her under her arms, and gently pull her up on the table, until her head is once again at the top, and her legs are completely on it as well.
Turkish Gentleman lay the towel back on her, covering the length of her torso. She feel his strong fingers dance quickly up and down her legs, and gently shake her feet. As his strong thumbs press into the arches of her feet, she’s treated once again to the sound of his sexy voice.
“Alright,” he say “that’s all the time we have for tonight. I’ll step outside and grab you a glass of water. Once you’re ready, come into the hallway.” And with that, he leave, like this is a completely normal massage!
She use the towel to wipe the oil from her body, and put her clothes back on. She take a quick look in the mirror and simultaneously think two things. First, she haven’t looked this relaxed and happy in years. And second, she wonder if he watched himself as he “worked” on her.
She step out the door, and he’s waiting for her in the hall. Turkish Gentleman hand her a glass of water and ask, “How are you feeling?” as they begin to walk back to the lobby area.
Um, amazing? She’s stammer “I.. uh, I feel pretty relaxed.”
Turkish Gentleman: “That’s good. I definitely found some tension and knots, but I think I worked most of them out.” He’s gently stroking her shoulder.
They’re in the lobby by now. He’s hand her a card. “Here are the hours I’m here at the parlor. Make sure to drink plenty of water tonight and tomorrow — we worked out a lot of lactic acid in our session tonight.” With that, he flash her another amazing smile, and leave.
She’s a little dazed as she settle her bill with the receptionist. “How was your session?” she asks.
“It was… fantastic.”
“Oh, I bet it was. Turkish Gentleman is an amazing therapist, isn’t he?”
“Yes. Amazing…. I’ve, um, I’ve never had a massage quite that…” What word could she use? Thorough? Relaxing? Orgasmic? Does he do this with all of his clients? Does she know?
“Well, we’re here when you need us. Give us a call when you want another session.”
She leave and get into her car. She look down at the card, and the hours he’s written on it. She flip it over, and she see he’s written something else. She laugh to herself, thinking, even his handwriting is sexy. It says, “Always happy to help clients at the parlor — but i make house-calls as well, if you prefer.” And then he’s written his phone number.

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