Felt Safe and Understood.

Everything about his look and attitude was sexy and erotic. She was instantly attracted to this Turkish masseur. When the Turkish Masseur that she hired while in Istanbul started with the preliminary questions, she was still daydreaming about feeling his dick go from soft to hard in her mouth. The Turkish Masseur that she rented while in Istanbul asked about her health and any points of concern as he led her down the narrow corridor to a door on the far left. The room The Turkish Masseur ushered her into was spacious but organized in such a way that a closeness instantly embraced you. It was like entering a well-furnished cave. The stones walls looked ancient and sturdy, and the decorations were warm and comfortable. She felt at ease in the room.

Then she saw the table and tension seized by body. Turkish Gentleman must have noticed because he came over and asked her to sit down in the armchair. For the next 30 minutes they just chatted. First about mundane things like what sites I had visited in Istanbul. Then they talked about her fears and views on her body specifically. By the end she felt safe and understood. It was like therapy with an old friend, and it prepared her for the next stage, the undressing. To a far corner of the room was a large screen to change behind.

She went behind the screen and began to undress. She had decided what to wear very carefully. Only three pieces, a shirt, crepe pants and a light coat. She wanted to have only what was necessary to walk the streets as she knew the more layers, she had on the more fear she would feel about removing them.

Turkish Gentleman put on soothing music, nature sounds with light rain as the backdrop, an ideal choice. When she stepped from behind the screen the room was dimly lit with numerous candles set strategically around the room to give a reassuring and calming atmosphere. Turkish Masseur was at the massage table with his back towards her. She knew he heard her approach but remained facing the opposite direction, she was grateful for that. A few feet away from the table and him she stopped. At that point The Turkish Gentleman spoke to her, “I’m going to turn around and face you now. Don’t be nervous you are safe.” She let herself relax into the moment. Turkish Masseur made her feel safe and eager to submit.Turkish Gentelman turned around and witnessed her in full nakedness. His eyes swept the length of her body, and he had a look of pleasure and compassion on his face. He knew exactly how she felt, and he made her feel understood. He reached out his hand and she took it. They stood hand in hand for several minutes facing each other and looking into each other’s eyes. No words were exchanged but something profound was communicated. She broke her stare and positioned herself on the table.

She was ready to begin the journey. Turkish Masseur came to the head of the table and reached over to the side table where massage oil was being warmed. He applied a liberal amount to his hands and began a deep tissue massage of her neck and shoulders, which is where she had indicated where she carried most of her stress. The Turkish Gentelman used short deep strokes on her shoulders and kneaded her neck with precision and skill. Between strokes he would whisper guidance, “let yourself be pampered and adored, I am here to serve you and usher you into pleasure and freedom” it was so hot! and comforting, and thrilling, to her seen as deserving pleasure.

She was on her way to relaxation and more. It felt like ages had passed but in truth it had only lasted 20 minutes, yet she felt the tension pouring out of her pores. The next Turkish Masseur used long strokes along her back and wings of her body. She felt a curious sensation and realized he was also using his lips and tongue along her ripped cage. She felt a heat spread along the area his kisses fell that spread all over her body that began to moisten her yoni.This continued for some several minutes and she could not help but whimper and moan quietly. Gently, but firmly, began to then massage her legs and inner thighs. Turkish Gentleman used the same stroke technique along with soft sensual kisses. After working thoroughly down to her feet, he asked her if she was ready to turn onto her back. She said yes and turned over. The Turkish Masseur began the front massage by giving her a deep scalp massage. It felt like waves of healing water pouring over her head. She cannot capture the release or pleasure in words.

The sensations it unleashed transported her to some of the happiest moments of her life and let desire boil to the surface. She saw or more felt the warmth and love of her childhood home in west Africa, a vision of herself and all her cousins dancing outside her street in a summer rain shower, she felt again the warm rain falling all over her in delight. She was brought to tears. The joy of the memory overpower her. As Turkish Gentleman moved down towards her sweet breast and stomach new sensations penetrated her. She felt the first heat of desire and need for something she couldn’t yet name. Turkish Masseur’s hands over her breast made her nipples erect and her chest heave.

The Turkish Gentleman took gentle circular motion over her breast, stomach, and arms, always towards the heart. She was in ecstasy. All she can say is that right then she wanted him to start fucking her and she knew whatever the next stage was she was ready to let herself go to the experience. Turkish Masseur moved from using his hands to his mouth. He blew cool breaths all over her body, then planted light kisses along her pelvic bone. She felt a shudder run down her spine. Then he brought his hands back onto her body and ventured toward her yoni. He moved slowly and thoughtfully, pausing to read her silent messages and body language. When she was ready, Turkish Gentleman started to massage her pubic bone area and then moved down to the inner thigh area. He did this motion a minimum of nine times. She started losing count with anticipation. The Turkish Masseur used his right hand to apply a high-quality lubricant to the mound of her yoni, pouring just enough so that it dripped down to the outer lips and covered the outside of the yoni.

She gasped over and over. The Turkish Masseur steadied her with his hands and kissed her on the lips. She nearly lost it she could feel herself on the verge of orgasm and knew she would start squirting if she didn’t pace herself. Turkish Gentleman’s lips on top of her felt like a magical spell. She honestly felt like Snow White was woken from a death-like sleep by her Prince. But she was awakened to herself and her true sexuality by a gifted Turkish Masseur. Whatever it was, it was fantastic and electrifying! He moved away a little and looked deep into her eyes and asked if she was ready, yes, yes! She screamed. She was more than ready for him to enter her, in more ways than one. The Turkish masseur gently began to rub the lubricant on the outer lips of her yoni. He then used his thumb and index finger, to gently squeeze each lip of her yoni gently between his thumb and forefinger. The Turkish masseur alternated between this technique and sliding his fingers up and down the entire length of each lip. Turkish masseur carefully repeated this meticulous process with each inner lip of her vagina varying the pressure and speed of touch according to her reaction. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with each squeeze. She wanted to scream out the names of all the men who had given her pleasure, the men I had longed for and the women who had shown her a purer love not based in sexuality but spirituality.

Next, the Turkish masseur gently began stroking her clitoris in a circular motion, clockwise then counterclockwise. What happened next was so unexpected her eyes flew open. The Turkish masseur used his lips and licked her clitoris in the deepest way she had ever felt. She wanted him in that moment, but it was over as quickly as it had begun. Instead of continuing with his lips he took her clitoris between his thumb and index finger and squeezed in the same circular motion. With gentleness and extreme care, he slowly inserted his middle finger into her Yoni. The Turkish masseur gently began exploring and massaging the inside of the Yoni searching out each curve and nook. He was so amazing; she could feel when he would start varying the speed and depth at which his finger penetrated inside of her.

The Turkish Masseur felt her yoni up, down, and around. Then with his palm pointing upward and finger inside he bent his finger to make contact with her G-spot. When he did this, he told her he was seeking out what is known as the “sacred spot” in Tantra. She was overcome, she had never felt so revered and accepted in her life. 10 minutes later the massage ended. The Turkish masseur helped her sit up and handed her a cup of water. After 2 hours she felt like a new person, a transformed being. The Turkish Masseur gave her a hug filled with kindness and respect and left her to get dressed in private. They chatted briefly as she checked out and she made her way into the early istanbul evening. The setting sun cast a startlingly glow on the building facades, capturing and enhancing their splendor and beauty. Pastels of green, blue, yellow, and pink were bathed in the fading light and she was also bathed in a splendid light. She was lighted and enlightened by the experience that Turkish Masseur gave it to her.

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