Sensual Yoni Massage for Women in Istanbul

StraightIstanbul offers Professional Sensual Yoni Massage services for Women in Istanbul. Aydın is a massage enthusiast and offers this kind of service to women, a sensual yoni massage with a happy end for ladies in Istanbul.

Women can have erotic massages and enjoy this service more than men can do. After a stressful day of work between 6pm and 8pm and after they can return to their normal life (single lives or marriage beds) with renewed vigour.

A Happy Ending Massage or Erotic Massage happens for men all the time. But hardly ever for women. Why are you not allowed to have a Yoni massage for 50 minutes and have an orgasm in the last 10 minutes?

Everyone likes receiving a massage but the added benefits of a sensual massage are different. Apart from relaxing and calming your nerves, it also heightens the pleasure factor. Whether it’s a special anniversary date or just another Tuesday, you can spoil yourself by using the sensual massage services!

Massage with a ‘happy ending’ used to be a common ‘medical’ treatment for women before and during much of the Victorian era. With this type of massage, women had orgasms and experienced sudden, dramatic relief from stress, depression.

Unlike most sensual massages for men with (just) a happy ending, sensual massage for women can be more of a rollercoaster ride reaching orgasm many times during the massage.

In my service, there is no color, nationality, or ethnicity discrimination. I welcome every healthy woman who wants to experience body awareness.

Before you make an appointment please be sure you have read my website and get the information you need. Such as prices, location, about me,

If you don’t fancy a sensual massage or you have some doubts then there may be something that you have in mind. I’ll be happy to hear them all. Alternatively you may choose any of the following too, hand massage, foot massage, cuddle session, dinner and dates.

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