Cuckold Massage Services & Cuckold Partner

Cuckold Services & Cuckold Massage. With a special sensual massage design for a girlfriend/wife, couples can Enjoy and experience a journey of complete emotional relaxation.  Discover a variety of massages for women that are simple, adaptable, thoughtful and above all personal.

Indulge yourself in the delightful personal experience of sensual discoveries.  Do you just want to relax or do you want to learn more about your sensual self?  Experience a cuckold massage designed to be personal, intuitive and a truly unique experience for couples.

Have you often wanted to discover new emotional experiences as a couple?  You can enjoy an experience tailored to your personal needs.  I enjoy helping couples of all ages and backgrounds relax, unwind, explore and rediscover their sensual and sexual self.

I am always thoughtful, careful and understanding in my approach to the sensory needs of women of all ages, figures and backgrounds.

If you have chosen the cuckold massage option, enjoy a very slow build up, (optional) oiled bodyslides and erotic touch.

I’d love to give further details about the Erotic massage – but every client has different needs and boundaries, so it is definitely a tailored experience.

Erotic Sensual relaxation massage with erotic elements
– Full body oil massage
– Body slides
– Yoni massage
– Erotic touching
– Receiving oral

The experience you are enquiring about, the day and the time which suits you best, and any basic information about yourself that you are happy to share.

I like to take the time to for a brief chat to discuss boundaries, consent, fantasies and desires. Let’s get started

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